Frequently Asked Questions

We collect all the sales from around the Internet, so you don't have to look at a million places to find that special something that you are waiting to buy on sale. We also review and pick the best of the finds and create our unique Wantlets, themed searches that uncover the most amazing 'on-sale' stuff daily from the net. Believing that shopping should be fun, not a chore, we are creating the ultimate shopping destination for treasure hunters.
Wantlets are a collection of Searches. You can save and organize searches in Wantlets to see the results all together. For example, you can search and save two separate searches like WOMEN SHOES PUCCI, 50% off and WOMEN SHOES BURBERRY, 50% into a Wantlet called SHOES I LOVE @ 50%. We will then track and send you daily new finds for these searches. Follow some Public Wantlets to learn more.
The best way to make a wantlet is to begin with a search. Search for something you like and then either click on SAVE THIS SEARCH to save the search as a Private Wantlet or click on ADD TO WANTLET to add the search into an existing wantlet that you have.
Every day we select and curate the best of the finds. So if you are looking for high value treasure, do check out our Top Finds every day.
Please use the Forgot Your Password link and entry box in the Login Page to send us an email and we will send you reset password instructions.
Check out our Shoe Chic on Sale app for the iPhone & iPad. We are also working on apps for other platforms which would be available soon.
Please send us an email at contact@coolonsale.com and we will get in touch with you. Soon, you will be able to do it yourself!
We capture prices when we scan products however prices for certain products change all the time. So, while we try to give you the most accurate prices, you should always check the store for the final price.
Please send us an email at contact@coolonsale.com to close your account.